Ben Morse


You're here because you like pictures of bands. Or things. Or bands with things.
I've toured with bands internationally, doing documentary footage, candid work, portraits and performance. I've shot everything from 100 capacity venues to main stage events at international festivals. I've also had over 1 million youtube views of my videos, which is perhaps down to the bands I work with, but at least shows I know which end of the camera is which.

You can see more of my work on Flickr:
or searching for "Ben Morse Photography" on Facebook.

I'm interested in anything and everything, so long as it's creative, or challenging. I can be reached by email.


  • bands
  • gigs
  • singers
  • musicians
  • films
  • people
  • faces
  • live
  • portraits
  • sports


  • Directing
  • Photography


London, UK